Remote Control Toy Snake


by Fun Little Toys

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  • Package includes an Approx. 17 inch long ultra-real simulation fast moving cobra snake with retractable tongue and swinging tail, 1 snake-egg infrared RC, 1 USB charging cable and 3 cell batteries
  • Segmented body for excellent slithering action and creeps along quickly when you push the forward, left or right buttons on the snake-egg infrared RC. When moving, it will sticking its tongue out with a sound like “si si”
  • Remote control runs on 3 cell batteries and the snake is rechargeable via the included USB charging cable, charging time takes about 30 minutes
  • Made of the highest quality non-toxic ABS material, 100% safe and earth-friendly for lasting durability
  • Perfect for Halloween party entertaining and bringing heaps of fun for kids as pranksters. Recommended for ages 6 and above