Laser Sword Double Light Saber


by Fun Little Toys

$23.95 $27.95
  • INCLUDES: This play set contains 2 Laser Swords, each measuring 28.7 inches in length. The bright glowing blades come in green and blue colors.
  • FUNCTIONS: If you are looking for a toy sword that helps your kids develop motion skills, this 2 in 1 LED laser sword will be your perfect choice! Good for some home fun with parent and children.
  • DETAILS: This LED futuristic weapons are produced with great attention to detail. For example, the LED light up blade has double-layer package, which makes the blade fairly durable in the game. Moreover, the sophisticated designs of the handle are very attractive to kids.
  • SAFE AND DURABLE: This laser sword is lightweight, thereby kids can easily hold it with one or two hands. Meanwhile, these light sabers are made from environmentally friendly plastics that guarantee your kids a healthy and safe play time.
  • RECOMMENDATION: The light sabers are built with added durability but may not use as self-defense item